Overview of our services

Lease acquisition 

The team at Veracity Land Services, LLC is highly trained in lease negotiation with potential lessors. The leasing staff will work anywhere and anytime to ensure that a deal gets closed. Once the lease is executed, the client is provided with comprehensive lease packages which include all the pertinent details of the acquisition.

Due Diligence

When the client is interested in buying or selling leasehold acreage, the due diligence team is ready to provide the necessary research to them so they can make an informed decision on whether or not to go through with the sale or purchase of the subject acreage.


Veracity Land Services, LLC will have a team of curative landmen in place for the purpose of clearing title in order for the client to feel comfortable from a legal standpoint in the drilling of wells.


The firm plans to have the ArcView Geographical Information System implemented and utilized. This will provide the client with real-time knowledge of leasehold information, including bonus, royalty, expiration dates, as well as competitor leasehold information. This program will be the default system, however, at the clients request, this can be altered.

Title services

The landmen at Veracity Land Services, LLC have prepared numerous title packages tailor made to match the specific needs of the client. Whether it is mineral title or full drillsite runsheet preparation, the team will put in the time and effort to complete the job in a timely manner. The staff is extremely considerate of the time sensitive material with which they are working. The client can rest easy knowing that their predetermined deadlines will be met.